A meeting after the return of Vince McMahon has been arranged

Vince McMahon has officially returned to WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
A meeting after the return of Vince McMahon has been arranged

Vince McMahon has officially returned to WWE after the Wall Street Journal had already anticipated the thing just a few hours earlier: “January 5, 2023- Vince McMahon, founder and controlling shareholder of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., announced today that he has undertaken the actions necessary to position the company to capitalize on a unique opportunity to maximize long-term value for all WWE shareholders.

These required actions, communicated to the WWE Board of Directors today via written consent, include the election to the board of Mr. McMahon, as well as Michelle Wilson and George Barrios, former WWE co-presidents and board members, and currently co-chairmen of WWE.

-founders and Co-CEO of Isos Capital Management – and the necessary removal from the board of three directors. Mr. McMahon plans to assume the role of executive chairman of the board of directors,” the official WWE statement reads in part.

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WWE held an employee meeting at approximately 3:45 p.m. yesterday regarding the matter. According to Fightful, WWE talent was not involved in the reunion. PWInsider's Mike Johnson pointed out that the bout lasted about ten minutes.

It is said to have been a meeting done simply to boost employee morale and nothing more, so there was no exchange of any kind between senior management and staff. Mike Johnson said: “Employees have been reiterated that there will be no changes to management or their responsibilities at this time.

Thus, Paul Levesque [Triple H], Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan, Frank Riddick III (who was on the call), etc. they will remain in place in their current positions and roles. It was also pushed that the move was a positive thing in regards to the future of sales and everything related to that field (i.e.

new offerings for Raw, SmackDown, etc.) and to assess the market for the potential sale of the company. with the idea that with Vince McMahon back, the entire company would be on the same page to maximize WWE's potential leading into the future." It was also said that it was "strongly underlined" that everything is based on the fact that it depends on whether or not Vince McMahon decides to sell, it doesn't necessarily happen and that the company could even go back to being private if this were "the best thing in the end for the shareholders”.

McMahon's WWE comeback was confirmed today as the 77-year-old veteran utilized his majority voting power to remove three names from the board of directors.

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