New details on Charlotte Flair's status

Charlotte Flair made a comeback at the end of last year to wow everyone

by Simone Brugnoli
New details on Charlotte Flair's status

Charlotte Flair made a comeback at the end of last year to wow everyone. 'The Queen' had been absent for several months and it was thought that she would not return to the ring before the Royal Rumble 2023. The daughter of the legendary Ric asked for and obtained an immediate title shot, defeating Ronda Rousey in just 41 seconds and winning the title of Smack down.

Fans were shocked, as it was 'Rowdy' who dethroned Charlotte in May of last year (before she walked away from WWE). Interviewed in the latest episode of WWE The Bump, secondary broadcast of the McMahon company, the new champion of the blue show, Charlotte Flair, wanted to go back to talking about her father's titled record, after she did not want to leave any statements about it for years.

“Before I was gone for eight months, I always said that I didn't really think about the number and that I never cared about surpassing that number, but now I'm almost there, I'm a 14 times world champion and my thoughts are to do it, I want to surpass him”.

Update on Charlotte Flair

In the latest edition of the podcast 'Smack Talk', former WWE manager Dutch Mantell explained why the company decided to focus again on Charlotte Flair: "It was the last episode of the year and the new season was about to start.

I really liked this move by WWE, it blew everyone's minds. They didn't want 2023 to start with Ronda Rousey as champion. Charlotte Flair has started a new cycle. WWE wants to go in a different direction this season opener, that's why they did it.

I think it was a smart move." Dutch also spoke about Mandy Rose: “I don't think Mandy Rose misses WWE that much. However, she has to admit that without her WWE she would never have become as popular. Looks like she made a million dollars in December alone, she's crazy.

If she's what she likes, I advise you to go ahead. That's how capitalism works." Bully Ray, fka Bubba Ray Dudley, has given his thoughts on the only way Charlotte Flair can realistically improve as a WWE in-ring competitor.

"How much does it suck to be Charlotte Flair right now knowing that this is as good as you're ever gonna be?" Bully Ray said. "Because she doesn't have anybody to get in the ring that's better than her. The only way Charlotte Flair will ever be any better than she is right now is if they let her wrestle men. If she's in there with Seth, she's gonna learn something. If she's in there with Randy, she's gonna learn something."

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