Former WWE star pays tribute to John Cena

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Former WWE star pays tribute to John Cena

John Cena made the history of this business and has become a role model for anyone approaching wrestling. The 16-times world champion has always given 100% in the ring and has participated in countless charitable initiatives during his very long career.

In recent years, the Boston star has stepped away from the ring and embarked on a glittering career in film. Following in the footsteps of the legendary The Rock, the 'leader of the Cenation' has quickly become one of the highest paid and most appreciated actors in Hollywood.

The former WWE Champion recently returned to SmackDown, where he joined forces with Kevin Owens to take on Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn. According to insiders, Cena will also be present at Wrestlemania 39, which will take place a stone's throw from Hollywood.

His opponent should be Austin Theory, who has regained momentum in recent weeks after a long period of tarnishing.

John Cena is a true legend

During an interview with 'Wrestling News co', the former tag team champion Fred Rosser (alias Darren Young) told how it was working with John Cena: "The debut of Nexus in WWE is counted among the best ever.

The various Vince Mcmahon, Michael Hayes and Arn Anderson had given us many indications before entering the ring and we could not disappoint them, otherwise someone would have replaced us. We had gigantic pressure on us. I will never forget that day.

I remember knocking John Cena out, jaw-dropping everyone in that arena." Guest in the latest edition of the AJ Awesome Show, the AEW World Tag Team Champion Max Caster spent beautiful words for John Cena: “John Cena is a huge source of inspiration for anyone who is a wrestler or dreams of becoming one.

I've never met him in person, but we've written to each other a few times. He has always been very kind and helpful towards me, which is not at all obvious. Dealing with him increased my confidence." We'll see if John Cena can make his mark in 2023 as well.

John Cena's return to in-ring action on this week's SmackDown was a bad booking decision, according to former WWE writer Vince Russo. "What could John Cena possibly do that was bigger than what Steve Austin did, bro?" Russo said.

"To me, it's such a freaking waste. I swear, it's an absolute waste for them to bring Cena in for this angle because it means nothing. You don't bring a guy like this back for a tag match. Come on, I don't care how desperate you are for ratings."

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