Billy Graham's condition worsens

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Billy Graham's condition worsens

One of the biggest heels in the history of the Wwf / E is certainly "Superstar" Billy Graham, an athlete of the McMahon family who fought in the Stamford company between 1975 and 1988. Although Graham left WWE twice, except Ever since returning to the fold, the wrestler has managed to write his name in the company's rolls of honor and in the history books of pro-wrestling in a remarkably solid manner.

After winning world titles with the NWA, WWF and IWA, Graham retired from the world of pro-wrestling in 1987, but remained always involved as a public figure in the various conventions and in various radio and television programs related to the world of pro-wrestling.

wrestling. In recent years, Graham has continued undaunted to complain about the product offered by Vince Mcmahon and his company, starting a real war against "undersized" athletes, i.e. those who did not have an imposing physique like him, because according to the WWE Hall of Famer could not wrestle.

Latest update on Billy Graham

No longer 20 years old, Billy Graham will turn 80 on June 7th, the McMahon Hall of Famer obviously has several ailments, with his current physical shape not being the best. Thanks to the Facebook page dedicated to him and managed by an external team, we learn that the former wrestler's health condition seems to be increasingly poor.

In fact, in recent weeks, Graham has encountered an ear infection, which now would also have extended to the ear bones, threatening the rest of the body. But let's see what his page writes on the well-known social network: "Keep The Champ in your prayers.

I got this message from his wife, Valerie. Thank you, Mike (admin) God bless Billy! Lots of problems... the mri showed that he has a bad ear infection which has now progressed to the bones of the ear and also to the skull area ...

the infectious disease doctor who is following his case is deciding what kind of antibiotics to start giving him. His electrolytes are still down…his low sodium is hard to treat and the doctors don't know why at this point.

We need your prayers." Superstar Billy Graham continues to deal with a variety of unfortunate health issues. "Hi fans, nice shot here while working in Japan for you, enjoy. I have some infections in a few toes and my Mayo Clinic surgeon must do some partial amputations.

This is going to take some time to recover from so I will be offline for a while. If you good folks out there have any photos or thoughts you would like to put up in the meantime my FB is open for business."

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