Vince McMahon has sealed a peculiar deal

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Vince McMahon has sealed a peculiar deal

In the last week, the news of a possible return to the top floors of WWE by Vince Mcmahon had resurfaced strongly, with the former Chairman still holding most of the shares in his company, which therefore makes him to all intents and purposes still the owner of WWE.

After only a few hours, WWE officially announced that Vince McMahon is back in fact on the board of directors of the company that he himself helped to become number one in the world, with the intention of capitalizing as much as possible on the sale of the same, together with two other ex-executives brought back to the saddle by McMahon.

After all this upheaval, the news has arrived from sources inside WWE that the Chairman would strongly like to sell the company, so as to have the last word on his greatest creation.

Vince McMahon is back in WWE

Vince McMahon allegedly didn't like the talent he released during the pandemic, alleges a WWE employee as per a recent report.

On the latest "What Happened When" podcast with Tony Schiavone, Conrad Thompson, Ric Flair's son-in-law, explained how he knew Nick Khan was hired by WWE to sell the company: "I've been revealing for some time on this schedule that WWE would be sold.

Do you know why I said that? Because I knew it. Do you know how I found out? Remember when Nick Khan first joined WWE? Well, he joined, and he was, of course, an agent. He was a guy who helped negotiate contracts and make deals and stuff like that in Hollywood.

I happened to have some friends who needed to be represented that way. We will say so. My friend was represented by the same company that Nick Khan worked for, and when my friend saw that the man who ran this huge agency moved to WWE, he was like, 'What the-? This doesn't make any sense.'

So he called his contact and asked him what was going on with Nick Khan. He was told, and we are talking about years ago: 'Yes. He has a deal with Vince where in his contract, he gets a lot of money if he helps facilitate the sale [of WWE].'

He told me the number, and I won't say the number because it's talking about someone's money and it's not okay. but let's just say it's more than a one-year Aew TV deal is. It's a lot. It's a lot, a lot. I can't count how many interviews I've read or people I talked to outside of the company that said 'Vince liked me, but I got fired,' He didn't like you, he didn't like any of them he fired or they wouldn't have been fired during a pandemic," one concerned higher up said.

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