Becky Lynch will be back on TV soon


Becky Lynch will be back on TV soon

In November 2022, we reported that according to some really insistent rumors, Becky Lynch would have played the iconic artist Cyndi Lauper in the third season of the TV series "Young Rock" which tells of the events related to The Rock's life and career.

Just a couple of days after the rumors, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson later confirmed the role of Becky Lynch in the season 3 premiere of “Young Rock”. In an Instagram post, the now Hollywood actor shared three photos of Lynch dressed and made up just like Cyndi Lauper, along with some of the actors from the series, with the caption: "Cool news alert.

We officially welcome @beckylynchwwe to the cast of YOUNG ROCK. Becky takes on the fun and daunting task of playing the one and only - icon Cyndi Lauper. I was there for Becky's audition and we were all very impressed with her high-level commitment as an actress to become Cyndi Lauper.

It's not an easy task, but she worked her butt, put her all into it and rocked it."

Becky Lynch's big hit on TV

Everyone liked Becky Lynch very much in that role once they saw the episode, so much so that he will soon return to play the singer in the TV series as communicated by herself via a post on social media: “She's back!

So happy to be back on set with the incredible #YoungRock cast and crew to play the iconic Cyndi Lauper! Stay connected”. Attached to these beautiful words, we see a video with the staff of her who is dressing her to put her in her role.

Shortly thereafter, The Rock himself responded to the Irishman's Tweet: "The perfect entertainer and professional. You're doing a phenomenal job, Beck! You're a star. Excellent and borderline disturbing [mobile phone emoji] the job by Young Rock producer @bfg728 Can't wait for this episode”.

Becky Lynch is not as good as Sasha Banks from an in-ring perspective, according to WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray (fka Bubba Ray Dudley). "Neither do I," Bully Ray said, agreeing that he does not put Lynch on Banks' level. "And this is what makes me laugh whenever I hear people on social media say, 'Oh, Bully doesn't like Sasha.'

Are you people out of your freaking mind? In my eyes, Sasha was only behind Charlotte, and considerably better than Becky in the ring." Flair picked up the win in a match that saw the Women's Championship replace the Divas Championship.

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