Saraya on the Sasha Banks and AEW rumors

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Saraya on the Sasha Banks and AEW rumors

Saraya had an interview with Siriusxm / Shade 45. AEW Dynamite is a great story and Saraya commented on the Mercedes Mone/Sasha Banks appearance rumors. “I don’t know, I wish I knew that. Even me to my managers constantly asking and I’m just like, ‘I have no idea’ and I asked Tony Khan.

I’m like, ‘what’s the deal?'”- Saraya said, as quoted by Saraya would like to work with Sasha Banks. However, at this moment it will not happen. They previously had a great collaboration. “I would love to do it in AEW because I’m there.

Tony has a good relationship with New Japan and he loves New Japan. Sasha, I texted her the other day, just [to say] congratulations and she said that she’s happy. She says she’s happy. I’m not starting any rumors!

[laughs] But I would love to one day have [that match]. We have a built-in storyline because unfortunately, it was me and her in the ring when my career was ended. So when I got cleared, she was one of the first people I texted, ‘guess what?!

You don’t have to feel bad anymore,’” Saraya added.

Triple H

In an interview with U.K. Metro Saraya spoke about Triple H and his reactions after finding out that her contract was not renewed. “He was like, ‘Wait what happened?!’.

I was like, ‘I dunno, they haven’t renewed my contract’. He was like, ‘Oh my gosh! Well I didn’t know that, so I’m sorry!’. He was really fantastic”. Triple H offered her a great deal.

“He did give me the opportunity to potentially be a GM again, and give me the opportunity to be like, ‘If you ever potentially want to wrestle again, I’ll give you that opportunity too.’” He was very open about any ideas that I had”.

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