Taya Valkyrie on Mercedes Mone's debut: She killed it!

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Taya Valkyrie on Mercedes Mone's debut: She killed it!

Taya Valkyrie was a guest on the Comedy Store Wrestling podcast. Valkyrie talked about her dream opponent, and it seems that Mercedes Mone aka Sasha Banks is her biggest wish. It would be great if the two of them met in the ring.

“Well I’m gonna say her and she’s now out in the world and free to play. She has a huge respect for Lucha libre, which for me is very important and something that I hold dear and close to my heart. So why not Mercedes Mone? Mercedes, you know where to find me,” Valkyrie said, as quoted by pwmania.com.

Mone's NJPW debut cause a lot of reactions. Valkyrie thinks that Mone did a great job and amazed everyone with her performance. Even though the crowd was a little strange, it won't change our impression of Mone. “I just wanna talk about her entire look because she came out looking like money.

She looked great. Even though that crowd was being not as loud as people expected, just because that’s just how it is, I think that she just commanded that stage and walked that runway and killed it,” Valkyrie said.

Renne Paquette on Mone

Renee Paquette spoke about Mercedes Mone and Naomi in "The Sessions". She was impressed with how they handled the whole situation. “For me, having worked with her at such an early time, met her in NXT, watched her rise through WWE, watched those ups and those downs, those times of kind of stepping out, after Wrestlemania, after losing the tag titles, having that moment, kind of leaving for a little while, spending some time in Japan.

I believe she spent some time in Mexico. To seeing what she has done now from whatever exactly happened on her and Trinity(also known as Naomi in WWE) walking out from WWE, I really applaud the balls of this women."- she said.

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