Kurt Angle praises two superstars

Kurt Angle is one of the greatest wrestlers ever

by Simone Brugnoli
Kurt Angle praises two superstars

Kurt Angle is one of the greatest wrestlers ever, having taken part in several memorable feuds during his long career. The former Olympic gold medalist hung up his boots at the end of WrestleMania 35, after losing to Baron Corbin in a match that didn't give any particular emotions.

It's no secret that Angle dreamed of facing John Cena in his last fight, but the Bostonian's Hollywood commitments and opposition from Vince McMahon scuppered that project. After retiring, the WWE Hall of Famer confided that he has received several offers to return to the ring.

A while ago, Kurt revealed that AEW president Tony Khan was willing to shell out three million dollars for Angle's ten matches in All Elite Wrestling. However, Angle didn't feel like betraying WWE and turned down that very generous offer.

Guest on the latest edition of the A2theK Wrestling Show, Kurt Angle handpicked two AEW superstars he would like to work with.

Kurt Angle praises Danielson and Omega

“The first name that comes to mind is Bryan Danielson.

Despite his past in WWE, I never got to wrestle with him. I still call him Daniel Bryan because his name escapes me right now, I mean really ”- said Kurt Angle letting go of a hearty laugh. “It would be great to work with Kenny Omega too, I love him.

He is incredibly talented and fans gravitate towards him,” added the former Olympic gold medalist. Kurt shut down the rumors of his possible return to the ring in the future: “I really don't think he's going to fight again.

I had knee surgery five months ago and I have to be very careful. Now I'm quite well. I think I've had an amazing career that I'm very proud of. Though I hate to say it, I have to admit that I'm not the athlete I used to be. If I were to decide to have one last match, it would definitely be a tag team match." Kurt Angle was involved in an explosive love triangle featuring Stephanie McMahon and Triple H during the early 2000s.

"I think it would have been an awesome idea. I don't know if anybody put that fire out or why it didn't occur. I think it should have. I honestly believe the storyline could have been one of the h*ttest storylines ever in the history of the business if we continued on, especially if I would have paired with Stephanie because, you know, Stephanie and Triple H were the real deal.

They had a real relationship, and to have that type of heat I would have from it would have been incredible."

Kurt Angle