Who will buy WWE in the future?

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Who will buy WWE in the future?

In the last week, the news of a possible return to the top floors of WWE by Vince Mcmahon had resurfaced strongly, with the former Chairman still holding most of the shares in his company, which therefore makes him to all intents and purposes still the owner of WWE.

According to what was initially reported by the Wall Street Journal, the important newspaper that started the McMahon scandal, the former Chairman was plotting to return to power thanks to the support of some executives still loyal to him, to then sell the company.

After only a few hours, various official news emerged, including from the Stamford federation, which communicated to fans and shareholders how Vince McMahon is in fact back on the board of directors of the company that he himself contributed to becoming number one in the world, with the intention of capitalizing as much as possible on the sale of the same, together with two other former executives brought back in the saddle by McMahon.

After seeing the changes in the WWE Board of Directors, with the Chairman having returned to being Chairman in the last few hours, given the step back by Stephanie Mcmahon, who has resigned, it seems that for the sale of WWE it is now everything is ready.

Could the Khans buy WWE?

In the last few hours, there has also been talk of the possibility that the owners of AEW are the ones who would buy WWE, as was done with ROH, the problem is that WWE definitely has much higher costs than Ring Of Honor and it would not be an investment that everyone could afford.

But let's see how PW Insider considered this hypothesis, whose journalists on its pages have written in the last few hours: "First if Vince is going to sell, he will sell for several billion dollars, he will give the total power of the WWE to someone who will use it from now on (at most he could make a deal with some competent lawyer).

In exchange for money, he agrees to relinquish the power of his inheritance. He may hope to carry it on but once he sells, he leaves any kind of control unless he then finds a way to buy it back. I'm sure the Khans could pool the money to buy it if they wanted but it would be very expensive and as mentioned above, if the TV rights and their deals change for the worse, it's also a bad investment. WWE and its future have become really, really dependent on broadcast rights."