New details on Mandy Rose's future


New details on Mandy Rose's future

After analyzing Mandy Rose's point of view on what happened in the first part, especially internally with the WWE, obviously it is now legitimate to ask what lies in the future for the former Toxic Attraction leader. Is there really still the possibility of seeing her again in WWE, or does she have every intention of taking another path? This is something that has been questioned a lot by anyone in the business, with various professional wrestling personalities wanting to have their say, but obviously the words that matter most are those of the person concerned, which we are now going to read.

Tamron Hall obviously then asked her if in the future there could be a return to WWE for her, the wrestler replied that now that is her past, but she also used the classic phrase "never say never." The former WWE Superstar also said that she doesn't know what the future holds for her, specifying, when asked, that if WWE asked her to close the site and then make her return to wrestle, she would think about it, requesting a conversation with whoever duty to address the subject.

Update on Mandy Rose's future

The journalist, a little curious like everyone else, then asked her if it's true that she earned a million dollars and she replied: "In two and a half weeks." Then she also asked her if it was possible to earn so much in WWE, and Mandy Rose said, "Long term.

It would have taken a while, for sure." So she has done more on the site than she could have in the foreseeable future with WWE. She concluded by stating that money isn't everything, with Tamron Hall replying that "owning her brand and her image is." Mandy said holding onto hers is precious and what the future holds for her is that she can now have a brand of her own and complete creative control and self-monetise while she has a direct relationship with her fans.

After reading the words spoken by Mandy Rose, obviously our invitation is always to think with your head and create your own thoughts, also because, as she said herself, everyone then gets their own idea about what happened.

But the summary of all this is simply: whatever the choice made by Mandy Rose or by WWE, we always hope that everything can always go for the best, because when one door closes, another opens. At the beginning of the conversation, Tamron Hall specified that obviously Mandy Rose's titled reign had to come to an end sooner or later and asked her if she knew why it was interrupted during that episode of NXT and Mandy admitted she was shocked by the what, but that he had noticed some signs of the possibility of losing the title for a few days.

The journalist then asked her when she was told that she would lose the title because of the material she had posted online and she replied that she was never told that was the reason, but despite the confidentiality that the profession brings, so while she can't say anything, when she's told she has to let go of the title, she just does.

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