Booker T talks about the wrestling industry

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Booker T talks about the wrestling industry

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T spoke about the Aew roster by identifying some wrestlers he thinks would be better off in the Stamford-based federation. In his podcast 'The Hall of Fame', the six-time world champion thus revealed the names of those who deserve a bigger stage than the one they are on.

Booker T talks about AEW

On the permanence of some wrestlers in AEW and the possible landing of some in WWE: "One that has ended up under the radar of WWE is Jade Cargoll. She is not in the running for the AEW women's maximum title but in reality she is not even part of the division.

It's not like I think much of her or like her, but she's the kind of profile for WWE. I think she has WWE written in her future." According to Booker T, Jade could only get benefits from a possible run in Stamford to the court of Triple H.

However, Jade Cargill disagrees with the WWE legend. Speaking last month to "The Breakfast Club", Jade Cargill had in fact said that in the past she could sign with WWE or AEW but finally chose the latter due to Toni Khan's better treatment towards his athletes, giving particular priority especially to their mental health.

Jade is not the only talent who would see well in AEW, Booker T said he was convinced that the current AEW world champion should also come to WWE: "I really like Mjf and I would like to see him in WWE. I wish there were more athletes like him in circulation.

I think in the future he could really get to Stamford". In fact, MJF's adventure in AEW could end very soon given that his contract with Tony Khan's company will expire in 2024. All of this is something that would have suggested fans to his possible future arrival in WWE.

We'll see what happens. Booker T thinks it wouldn't be a smart move by Adam Cole to leave WWE and join AEW in the near future. "Adam Cole, one thing he needs to know, that AEW is going to be there for him. It's going to be there.

So, you better get what you need to get out of this (WWE) for as long as you possibly can and then if something happens, you think about what comes next. You do the job to the best of your ability to whatever comes next. If that's his choice, that's his choice."

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