Eddie Edwards on the match with Jonathan Gresham

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Eddie Edwards on the match with Jonathan Gresham

In an interview with pwmania.com, Eddie Edwards talked about many topics, and one of the first was the match against Jonathan Gresham. "I’m looking forward to it. Anytime we have a PPV, it’s one of those things you can feel in the air, you can feel it in the building, the energy, the excitement from the locker room itself, let alone the fans.

Me and Gresham were supposed to wrestle 9 months ago at Rebellion, but circumstances out of our hands meant we couldn’t, so now the time is here, a long time in the making. We’ll be out there, tearing up, Centre Stage, Atlanta.

What better place to do it?"- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com.

Eddie Edwards and Gresham: He’s a technician

Eddie Edwards talked about his opponent and the expectations he has. Edwards wants to give his maximum and not allow the opponent to show his full potential.

"He’s been everywhere, England, Europe, and across the states and he is very technical. That’s his style, he’s a technician and one of, if not the best out there right now in that aspect. He will bring submission holds, catch wrestling, so of course, I’ve been looking out for that, but I want to get him off his game.

I want to push him beyond what he is comfortable doing, away from just holds and submissions. I want to switch it up with some brawling, some hard-hitting stuff that he may be able to do, but he hasn’t done against me." His goal is to test him in a match and to set certain limits.

Let’s turn it up a notch, I want to test him. Sure, we can wrestle, but at some point, I will turn it up and test him in the ring, not just as a wrestler but as a man.

Eddie Edwards