Carmelo Hayes on the match with Ricochet


Carmelo Hayes on the match with Ricochet

Carmelo Hayes was a guest on Ryan Satin's “Out Of Character” podcast. One of the topics was the match with Ricochet. It is the realization of his dream. "Yeah, it was. That was cool, I’m glad we got to do that.

That came on within four days’ notice or something like that. It wasn’t a big drawn-up thing. He showed up to NXT and challenged me, and the PLE was four days later. But yeah, it was a highlight because that was one of the matches, like I have a lot of dream matches.

The one with Ricochet, there’s a lot of guys I feel I work well with, and Ricochet is one of them”. However, the same thing happened again in NXT. “The fact that we actually got to do it while I’m in NXT was dope because I was like, ‘Oh, I get to do it [here].’ The fact that he came down and we got to do it and show that I can go with Ricochet.

But I have mad respect for Ricochet”.

Bron Breaker

He is ready to defeat Bron Breaker. “I feel like it would be selfish for me to say unfulfilled because I’ve done so much, and I’ve gotten to do so much.

It would almost be like, ‘Oh, how much more do you need to do?’ But at the same time, I feel like I can do it, so let me do it. I can beat Bron Breakker, and I can be the face of the company, the rightful face of the company, and I can carry the brand”.

He wants to dominate in NXT. “I can help build this brand further into the next year or whatever it is. So for that reason alone, and all those times I said I was the A Champion, I think it’s only right, it’s almost fate at this point and poetic justice in a way for me to win that title and be the A Champion of NXT”.

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