WWE is already preparing returns for the Royal Rumble

Numerous news came from the McMahon company for the first PPVs of 2023

by Simone Brugnoli
WWE is already preparing returns for the Royal Rumble

Numerous news came from the McMahon company for the first PPVs of 2023, with the gimmick shows that with Triple H had a short life according to the idea of the new head of the creative team in terms of PPVs. Gimmick shows are practically those PPVs that contain particular types of matches such as Extreme Rules or Hell in a Cell.

Having received several complaints from critics, the public and commercial partners in the past, WWE therefore seems to have decided to eliminate several of these gimmick shows, instead making room for other simple PPVs. By doing so, particular matches such as Hell in a Cell or Elimination Chamber would be safeguarded and reserved only for the big feuds, as they were before WWE created PPV gimmicks for such stipulations.

After such speculations, WWE's ideas also emerged to bring Hell in a Cell back to the Royal Rumble, as well as the innovative big match called Pitch Black match, which we still don't know exactly what it is, again on the Rumble card.

made official in the last few days between Bray Wyatt and LA Knight.

New details on the Royal Rumble

A few days after the first big PPV of the year, after the cancellation of Day One, the first rumors arrive about who could return to the first Big Four of 2023.

According to the well-known PW Insider, Edge would be one of the rumored names to return to the Royal Rumble, with the site stating: “Ever since we asked about his potential return at some point, PW Insider has been told that Edge is penciled in a return to WWE's Royal Rumble payout”.

In addition to Edge, it seems that his wife Beth Phoenix is also expected to reappear on the scene for the Rumble, but it is not yet known whether in an active role or just as an appearance. Another name of an athlete who should reappear after weeks of disappearance is that of Doudrop, with the Scottish-born athlete who should reappear with the public right at the Rumble, with the site reporting: "What we were told about Doudrop's return to TV this week is that he should return to the Raw brand shortly.

She herself spoke of her absence online, speaking of a long illness that kept her out of the scene". Logan Paul's name is also rumored to be returning soon and the Rumble could be the perfect place for his sensational return , after the match in Saudi Arabia against the undisputed champion of the company, Roman Reigns.

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