Eric Bischoff comments on Vince McMahon's WWE return

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Eric Bischoff comments on Vince McMahon's WWE return

Vince McMahon is back at the helm of WWE but shouldn't be seen on television for now. The will of the historic Chairman would be quite different. In all these years, Eric Bischoff is one of the few people who have worked closely with him.

For this reason, the former general manager of Raw wanted to have his say on the matter by revealing how the reasons for Vince's return are due only to the imminent sale of the company.

Eric Bischoff on Vince McMahon's return

Speaking on the 83 Weeks podcast, the former WCW president said Vince McMahon has various goals right now but has no plans to reappear on television.

On Vince McMahon's intentions, Eric Bischoff said: "His purpose right now isn't being able to be seen on screen or anything. His return is to prepare something more important than things like that. I think he will focus on the stability of the company, which is why which I think he went out of his way to acknowledge the good work Nick Khan, his daughter Stephanie and Triple H did in their respective roles.

He did so three times in a press release. When he revealed he was returning he explained what his purpose: to maximize the revenue from the TV rights by exploring new opportunities. In the end he only came back to sell the federation.

If he sells it, he won't manage it anymore. And whether things go well with or without him doesn't matter, because everyone will buy it he won't leave the management to him. Whoever buys it will lead it and this I think is the right way for Vince to exit the scene".

As reported by the Wrestling Observer through the voice of Dave Meltzer, it would seem that Vince McMahon immediately looked for buyers for WWE, from the first day he decided to say goodbye to his creature. DDP stated that Eric Bischoff was ready to shell out $50 million that could have gone up to $85 million with talent contracts: "This is my conspiracy theory.

This is how Vince [McMahon] won the war. That son of a b****h who sold it [WCW] to him, whatever his name is, he canceled wrestling. Cancels it, and [Eric] Bischoff, because he was buying it for $50 million, I know these numbers.

I was there. And, he was going to take all of the contracts - that's got to be another $35 million, easy. Just because of Hulk [Hogan], Goldie [Goldberg], and everything."

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