Jim Ross on Getting Dirty Looks During Funeral

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Jim Ross on Getting Dirty Looks During Funeral

Jim Ross is a legendary WWE Hall of Famer, and one of the most popular wrestling commentators of all time. He recently spoke about getting dirty looks during a wrestler’s funeral. Jim Ross is currently working for the Aew as a Senior Advisor.

He is doing commentary on the side as well. However, Jim Ross is mainly known for being a WWE employee. He was actually also the Head Of Talent Relations during his time in the WWE. And that is the reason why he had a huge role in the company.

However, the relationship between WWE and Ross over the years started to turn sour. That led to Ross actually quitting the WWE, by letting his contract expire, and then signed the best contract of his life when he joined AEW, according to him.

Jim Ross Spoke About Why He Received Dirty Looks from The Hart Family

One incident that Ross spoke about on his podcast happened in 1999. in 1999, the WWE held the Over the Edge PPV. During that event, Owen Hart lost his life after he failed a stunt.

He was supposed to drop down to the ring from the rafters, but a failure resulted in him falling from a dangerous height onto the ring ropes, which led to his death. Even though the WWE found out that Owen had passed away, they decided to continue the show.

They have received a lot of heat due to this over the years, and the wrestling industry is considered a very insensitive industry. Ross stated that he actually received a lot of dirty looks from the Hart family when he attended Owen’s funeral.

According to him, it actually made him feel guilty. "You talk about dirty looks, it's as if I did something wrong. I was there to show support, but because I was representing WWE I was not a welcome guest at that service. I thought that was very, very unfair," he said.

"When you feel guilty about things that you didn't do, you've got to evaluate a little bit here, come on. It was tough." Ross then spoke about Chris Benoit, who was involved in a murder-suicide. Due to his actions, Ross believes that Benoit is never going to enter any Hall of Fame.

People do not sympathize with Benoit as much as they do with Owen due to his actions during his final days. "I wish things, for a lot of common sense reasons, had not gone down as they did," Jim Ross said. "But I will not respect the wrestler that Chris Benoit was.

You can't justify, nor should you try, his last few days on earth because I can't explain that. 'Well he had a concussion deal, he had CTE,' I don't know what he had for sure, and I don't know anybody knows for sure."

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