WWE backstage is spooked by the latest news

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WWE backstage is spooked by the latest news
WWE backstage is spooked by the latest news

In the last week, the news of a possible return to the top floors of WWE by Vince McMahon had resurfaced strongly, with the former Chairman still holding most of the shares in his company, which therefore makes him to all intents and purposes still the owner of WWE.

According to what was initially reported by the Wall Street Journal, the important newspaper that started the McMahon scandal, the former Chairman was plotting to return to power thanks to the support of some executives still loyal to him, to then sell the company.

After only a few hours, various official news emerged, including from the Stamford federation, which communicated to fans and shareholders how Vince McMahon is in fact back on the board of directors of the company that he himself contributed to becoming number one in the world, with the intention of capitalizing as much as possible on the sale of the same, together with two other former executives brought back in the saddle by McMahon.

After seeing the changes in the WWE Board of Directors, with the Chairman having returned to being Chairman in the last few hours, given the step back by Stephanie McMahon, who has resigned, it seems that for the sale of WWE it is now everything is ready.

The WWE backstage is scared

After the news of the possible sale of the company, or to the Arab investment fund or even to the Khan family, already owners of AEW and ROH, emerged online and in WWE's internal circles, it seems that the morale inside the locker room and the WWE backstage is devastated.

As reported by Dave Meltzer in the latest newsletter of the Wrestling Observer, in fact, in the last tapings of NXT, it seems that morale was down, precisely because of this news. But let's see what the well-known journalist said: "The rumors that are circulating throughout the wrestling world have created a lot of confusion in the internal circles of WWE.

This included even the attendees at the last live televised tapings of NXT, where the mood was really depressed by what they reported to us, with even the people filming the show being really disheartened. Many have told us that the general feeling was one of disbelief, like a story that is not true." Wrestling veteran Eric Bischoff recently discussed the possibility of Tony Khan purchasing WWE amid reports of Vince McMahon selling the company.

"This isn't Tony Khan's money, it's Tony Khan's father's money. Family money, Tony has a big chunk of it, obviously part of it, but how much of your 11 billion dollars of your net worth, depending on how much of it is even liquid, are you willing to put on WWE?" Bischoff said.

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