The new WWE video game is ready


The new WWE video game is ready

After the great success that WWE 2K22 has had, which has made a huge leap in quality compared to WWE 2K20, it would seem that WWE is ready to announce the first things regarding WWE 2K23 on the day of the Premium Live Event Royal Rumble.

The news was given by Mike Stark of Insider Gaming. According to the report, the January 28 event will have hands-on gameplay available. Gameplay will feature "select" encounters from showcase mode. Additionally, the event will provide a first look at a new game mode.

It has also been said that more information will be released on Wednesday, February 1, 2023. WWE 2k23 is expected to officially launch in late March, but a release date has yet to be confirmed. According to reports, the former CEO's return to WWE is only to aid in the sale of the company.

New details on WWE 2K23

In March 2022, even before the release of the last 2K WWE game, there was talk of the possibility that the two companies could end their partnership. This thing had arisen because, as mentioned above, 2K20 had been a real failure, so WWE was no longer willing to put up with this.

WWE2K22 was seen as a "make or break" title in the series, something that could either be a complete success or a complete disaster. If the game hadn't vastly improved, WWE would have been looking around to evaluate other developers to give them the license to finally create something good.

But this was not the case, so 2K continued its collaboration with the Stamford company and now we are close to receiving some more news on the new video game. Fightful had spoken of the possibility that it was the giant Electronic Arts (EA) to take over the rights to the WWE games: "Several sources have stated that WWE has had preliminary discussions with Electronic Arts (EA) on bringing the WWE Games line to one of the best game publishers of the world The last contract between the two parties [WWE and 2K] was signed in 2016 and while no official details have been made public, sources indicate that it was a six-year deal with options to extend it." A WWE tenured member mentioned that McMahon returned to headquarters with his old team.

Following his comeback to the company, the former CEO rehired his staff. "McMahon brought back Brad Blum, his Chief of Staff, too, who had just been let go about a month and a half ago."

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