Chris Masters could return to WWE

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Chris Masters could return to WWE

Chris Masters had two runs in WWE, one from 2003 to 2007 and another from 2009 to 2011 and despite these years spent in the company, with some interesting storylines, he never got to win a title, which torments him a little'

He has since moved on to the independent wrestling circuit and has also wrestled for the National Wrestling Alliance, where he is a 2 time NWA National Champion. Now however, despite being also in the audience in the latest episode of AEW Dynamite, as demonstrated by some photos and some videos he has posted on social media, he does not rule out the possibility of returning to Stamford and attention, the Royal Rumble is behind the corner and that is the return match by definition.

Chris Masters is a wrestling veteran

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Chris Masters explained why, all of a sudden, he might be seriously considering returning to WWE: "I've never even thought about returning to WWE, honestly, nothing against them.

I've had a couple runs there and That's how it ended. And I just realized that my love is for professional wrestling, even if it's not with the WWE. But with everything I've learned in the last two years and also seeing Shelton, Carlito, Mvp all my friends, I finally started thinking about it.

It wasn't so much that Chris Masters wanted to come back, it was more a matter of connecting with young fans. Do I remember what it is we always look for? We're looking for that "oh sh*t moment," like The Ultimate Warrior's return at WrestleMania 8.

Not to say everything I could do is up to par, but Bobby Lashley's scenario is fascinating because I haven't been there that long. a long time." In February 2022 he had already stated: "I feel like any moment is a good opportunity for me to come back and make my presence felt to face the Masterlock challenge against The Hurt Lock." Speaking to Steve Fall on NBC Sports Boston, Masters addressed the possibility of returning to the Stamford-based company: "The desire is always there a little bit because this is what I love to do and I still do it.

(...) As long as I've been outside of WWE I've never searched to come back. And it's just because I just didn't look at it like an option after the second time. After the first time, sure, but after the second time it's like, 'I gotta move on.