Will another Roman Reigns' cousin come to WWE?

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Will another Roman Reigns' cousin come to WWE?

In the latest episodes of the weekly WWE shows, both on Monday Night Raw and on Friday Night Smackdown, the Bloodline literally destroyed everything in its path, between the ring and the ringside, taking possession of the whole area, such as happened in the last episode of the red show before the Christmas break in the backstage.

The entire Bloodline, without Roman Reigns, had in fact destroyed everything at ringside, refusing to leave as requested by the security sent by Adam Pearce to calm the waters. Sami Zayn later blamed this riot action on Kevin Owens, who intervened to attack the Bloodline, but who due to numerical inferiority, was eventually knocked out by the Samoans.

In the end not even the security could do anything to kick Bloodline out of the ring, with Pearce having to enlist the help of the entire Raw roster, with the athletes eventually tricking Bloodline out of the area, leaving devastation everywhere.

During the same evening, the Bloodline finally found bread for its teeth, with Pearce organizing a match for each of the members present of the stable on Raw and with Sheamus and Drew Mcintyre who had already intervened to attack their bitter rivals, coming from Smackdown.

Also in the following episode of the red show, the same script was repeated, with the Bloodline that is dominating far and wide in WWE.

Roman Reigns is a true legend

In his latest speech released to the microphones of his broadcast, Hall of Fame podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T wanted to talk about Jacob Fatu, younger cousin of Roman Reigns, who in his opinion could soon be one of the new protagonists of the rings of the WWE.

Regarding the young draft, Booker T said: "Jacob Fatu, he's one of my boys (from my school). I would love to see Jacob get a chance, get a big break because I know he could have a big impact, have a big boom in WWE. And not just because he's a big guy.

He would really make a big bang in WWE, seriously”. Jacob Fatu, who was initially trained by the Usos' father, the legendary Rikishi, later joined Booker T's school, with the Hall of Famer bringing the boy at the right levels to land in WWE.

After seeing the debut of Solo Sikoa a few months ago, now is the time for another cousin of the Tribal Chief to grow up in the McMahon rings?

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