WWE wants another great athlete

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WWE wants another great athlete

If in recent years the trend of WWE was to hire characters who had very little to do with pro-wrestling, such as football players, dancers, bodybuilding athletes and many other disciplines, it seems that with the landing of Triple H at the head of the creative team, this practice was soon abandoned.

As reported in recent weeks by the well-known Bryan Alvarez for F4WOnline, WWE would have put several new athletes from independent companies under its sights, setting up a real direction of discounting, which follows the athletes of the American and world indies on a weekly basis.

Already a few years ago WWE was moving in this direction, especially with NXT, with several important characters such as William Regal, Matt Bloom, Samoa Joe and many others who acted as scouts to go and look for the most formidable athletes of indies companies to offer them a contract with the Stamford federation.

Since William Regal's return as head of this department, WWE has begun to target the best athletes again and then offer him a new contract to join the company. Vince Mcmahon's return to the company was officially announced earlier today.

WWE wants Colby Corino

After signing Karl Fredericks and Dragon Lee, it seems that WWE certainly did not stop there, with the large purchases from the world of independents. Apparently, the leadership of the Stamford federation would now have targeted Colby Corino, star of the NWA, winner of the 2021 NWA Championship Series Tournament.

Apparently, the contract that tied the NWA to the twenty-six year old would have expired last month and the well-known journalist Sean Ross Sapp has just reported how Corino is about to land in WWE. But let's see what he reported to the microphones of Fightful, the journalist: "In an update on Colby Corino, he's coming to WWE.

We've already pointed out that WWE can't legally approach him until his deal with the NWA is finalized." After the end of his contract with the company managed by Billy Corgan, it now seems that Corino will shortly land in the rings of the Performance Center, to begin his training with WWE, but not before signing a development contract with the McMahons.

It was originally reported by BodySlam that the second-generation wrestler would be coming to the promotion, but WWE could not legally talk to him until he was a free agent. Vince McMahon's return to the company will no doubt have the wrestling world talking over the next few weeks.

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