Mace disappears from WWE

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Mace disappears from WWE

In one of the Friday Night Smackdown episodes a few months ago, Max Dupri (luckily back to being LA Knight) had wanted to stage a promo from the backstage together with the usual Adam Pearce, with the former NXT manager who had also wanted to present the his first two models from his agency, who would have made their first fashion show the following week on Smackdown, after having already presented themselves to the general public the Friday before.

The two protagonists of the MMM, or the Maximum Male Models, were the two wrestlers previously known by the names of Mace and Mansoor, which WWE has now changed to ma.çé and mån.sôör. During the following episode of WWE's Friday night blue show, the two went to discover MMM's new 2022 Tennis collection, with Max Dupri obviously accompanying them in this parade for the WWE Universe, with fans who were already excited to find out where this rather bizarre storyline of the McMahon company, which until now had never been seen, would lead.

In the end, the stable saw another character implemented within it, which was Max Dupri's sister, Maxxine, who helped her brother get out of the team, with her behavior, making him return La Knight. As for the other three athletes, however, nothing would be known at the moment.

Update on Mace's status

During the past few hours, Mace's Twitter profile would have posted a sign that is usually used for missing persons. According to what was reported by the cartel, Mace would have been sighted for the last time on January 4, 2023 and then, since then, no signal has come from the WWE wrestler.

In the end, even the official WWE profile reposted the tweet, making it clear that everything is probably part of a storyline. The company also urged fans to use the hashtag #WheresMace to assist in the search for the missing athlete.

WWE has also posted a video on its Youtube channel in which it talks about the incident, entitled "ma.cé goes missing: Making it Maximum, January 12, 2023". Dutch Mantell believes that Maximum Male Models are "dead" as an act on WWE TV.

"I was lost on that. I didn't know what the hell was going on. And I thought that the Maximum Male Models," stated Mantell. "I still think they're dead, basically. The Lotharios would be better Maximum Male Models than the two they got. They'd be hilarious doing it. They'd have a great time. We know they can work."

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