Kurt Angle speaks about Chris Jericho

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Kurt Angle speaks about Chris Jericho

One of the best known faces in the world of pro-wrestling is certainly the former WWE Champion as well as the first historic champion of All Elite Wrestling: Chris Jericho, who has a truly enviable career behind him, which counts several of the greatest federations in the world, such as WCW, WWE and AEW.

After having trod the rings of the entire globe together with as many legendary athletes, such as The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kurt Angle and many others, Chris Jericho has seen fit to help a very solid reality but still on the launch pad, to grow up in his debut.

As soon as the preparations for the birth of AEW started, in fact, Y2J immediately threw himself headlong into the project, going to lend a hand to its original creators: Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and obviously the financier of all this, Tony Khan.

Until a few weeks ago, Jericho also held the position of world champion of Ring of Honor, another federation acquired in the last period by the Chairman of the All Elite, while he was in enormous financial difficulty.

Kurt Angle talks about Chris Jericho

During the last episode of his Kurt Angle Show, the WWE Hall of Famer recently seen on Friday Night Smackdown while watering the couple formed by Chad Gable and Otis with milk, wanted to talk about the shock he suffered when he discovered that Chris Jericho had left the WWE after years of contract with the McMahons.

Regarding this topic, Kurt said: "I thought Chris Jericho was going to have a WWE life. I never thought he would leave. He quit and I think he went to Japan initially but never signed with another company at least not since he was in WCW.

He's been in WWE for a very long time and I never thought he would leave WWE for another company. Be that as it may, Chris Jericho is always a huge star. He should always be in the main event and he should win a lot of matches.

He's not an athlete from the past, he's still at the peak of his career. He's still at a very high level and he's doing everything to keep it up and pushing himself to new heights." Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, the former WWE Champion said he did not like how the match ended due to various outside interferences.

"I loved the match with Chris, I just didn't like the finish," Angle said. "I thought that the referee being outside the ring with Chyna for way too long, just felt like, a little too drawn out. It just wasn't, it wasn't a clever finish, it could've been better."

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