Jim Cornette on wrestling promotions in the past and the way to profit

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Jim Cornette on wrestling promotions in the past and the way to profit

There was a wide range of topics that Jim Cornette spoke about in the Jim Cornette Experience. The business aspect of wrestling as well as Jim's observations of the development of the wrestling scene were discussed. “Well, somebody was just saying that, you know, these numbers are getting up to the point where if, you know, Bill’s network is going to pay a billion dollars to some organization to carry their programming for three or four years, and they can buy the organization and own everything forward and backward for three or four times that why the f*ck not, at this point.

These numbers are insane."- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Wrestling promotions in the past

When wrestling promotions were first introduced, there was a totally different way of doing business and a lot less money back then.

It was not easy for them to make a profit, but they found various ways to do it. Nevertheless, it's clear that things are very different now, which is totally logical and understandable as well. “I was talking to a media person the other day, who is a younger person and had no idea that television stations didn’t pay wrestling promotions in the territory days anything.

Well, you know, Memphis got 1500 bucks a week and the production in the studio. Most promotions didn’t get paid, they didn’t get paid since back in the days of network television in the early 50s. So that was non-existent, they subsisted on ticket sales, merchandising was nil." Jim Cornette reflected on the current situation.

“Now it’s completely reversed, where you get more money from the television stations, networks than you do for anything else. And there’s fewer people than ever buying tickets, but they spend more on merchandise per head. So it’s completely turned upside down”.

Jim Cornette