Rick Boogs is close to making a comeback

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Rick Boogs is close to making a comeback

As you sadly know, at his first Wrestlemania poor Rick Boogs got badly injured when he tried to lift the Usos twins at the same time and failed. On April 8, PWInsider was able to confirm that Rick Boogs underwent surgery, which was then successfully completed, in particular he was operated on his quadriceps: "WWE Star Rick Boogs underwent a successful surgery to repair his torn quadriceps this week in Birmingham, Alabama, PWInsider confirms this”.

Then, in May 2022, through a video on his YouTube channel, the wrestler had wanted to update the WWE Universe on his rehabilitation journey after the injury and subsequent operation: "It's been a while guys, I just wanted to update you.

There's not much new to say or exciting things I can do in terms of power, strength, and test limits... I'm just doing machines in the gym, that's all I can do right now. the lower extremity, you know what I mean?I have to let that puppy heal, but I wanted to give you a little information… It's about PT: physical therapy.

As of right now, this week's goal for PT was 85 degrees of knee flexion. Sticky Ricky did 112 degrees of knee flexion. We're talking next week's goal of a 90, next week of 100, maybe next week of 105. You know, I'm up about a month, 112 is a nice personal best."

New details on Rick Boogs

Also on his YouTube channel, the wrestler-guitarist has published a video entitled: 'Start of a MASSIVE comeback', or 'The beginning of a GREAT comeback', where he shows himself lifting a big load to the tune of the song 'Gonna Fly Now' by Rocky Balboa.

In another video, however, he works a lot on his legs by jumping rope, pushing his car and many other things that make him make an enormous physical effort, a sign that he has recovered well. During a recent interview with Give Me Sport, Boogs spoke about his relationship with Shinsuke Nakamura in and out of the ring.

"I love Shin," Boogs said. "Shinsuke's like, he's like a father figure to me now. He's like a mentor. Anything that we have going on, I always like to get his two cents. Whether it's TV, whether it's live events, tag matches, singles matches for me, character stuff, all of that.

I always run it by him. I want to get his feedback on it, because he's extremely seasoned. He's been through it all. It's very helpful for newcomers like me to have such a great mentor."