Wrestling veteran reflects on Mandy Rose


Wrestling veteran reflects on Mandy Rose
Wrestling veteran reflects on Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose lost her NXT Women's Title to Roxanne Perez last week but is now making headlines following her release from WWE due to some body content being posted all over the place. Since Mandy Rose is done with WWE, her future in the world of wrestling has been talked about.

According to her reports, she has already received offers from Impact Wrestling but many are also wondering if she could land in AEW.

Eric Bischoff on Mandy Rose

During his podcas 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff talked about Mandy Rose's next moves: “Many say that Mandy could go to AEW.

I don't see what she would do with it if she makes more money in what she does now, than she could pocket in two years of AEW." It was recently reported that Mandy Rose has already earned over $500,000 from her FanTime profile.

The former NXT champion could soon become a self-made millionaire and Eric Bischoff expressed her opinion on explicit sites of this type: “I never judge, you know. Everyone decides to do what they want and they make their own decisions, so I don't care what they do until it hurts someone or they do it of their own free will." Additionally, it has come to light that Mandy Rose purposely leaked private photos and videos of her in order to force WWE to fire her for not following company guidelines.

Mandy had begun her adventure with the Stamford company in 2015 after being cast in the sixth season of Tough Enough. Once eliminated, she signed a five-year contract with the federation and thus spent a short time in NXT before landing on the main roster in 2017 alongside Paige, known as Saraya currently in AEW and Sonya Deville.

Wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell urged Mandy Rose to thank WWE after earning a million dollars from her FanTime page in December. "I don't think she misses WWE that much. But she can thank WWE for giving her the platform to become known the way she was...

[A million dollars in the month of December?] It's unbelievable, but more power to her if she can do that, great. Go ahead and do it because that's the power of capitalism. That's the power of America. If you can do it, go do it and more power to her.

I feel like Mandy Rose's talent was so much more than her beauty. I really do. I think she has so much more potential and so, I mean, heights to reach that would've been unbelievable, you know, if she had used that machine and that market properly."

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