Kofi Kingston Speaks About Vince McMahon


Kofi Kingston Speaks About Vince McMahon

Former WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston recently spoke about the return of Vince McMahon. Vince McMahon was for nearly four decades the heartbeat of the WWE. He was the one that ran the company, was responsible for all of the storylines and was the person who made 100s of wrestlers famous all over the world.

After an investigation was launched against Vince McMahon to look into some hush money that he allegedly paid last year, he retired and left all of his positions in his company. Many people were actually happy to be in the WWE while not working for Vince McMahon.

Kofi Kingston Is Excited About The Return of Vince McMahon to the WWE

One of the wrestlers actually excited about the return of Vince McMahon is Kofi Kingston. Kofi is actually a former WWE Champion and is part of the New Day.

He would never have received the push that he got in the WWE had he not won the heart of Vince McMahon. Kofi actually won the WWE title at a WrestleMania event. He spoke to The New York Post about Vince McMahon. "It's great that Vince is back," Kingston said.

"Obviously when he left, there was a huge void, especially for me. Ever since I've been on the roster, WWE without Vince was unconscionable. When he stepped down, it was like 'Oh my goodness, I can't believe this is happening.

Is this actually really real?' But also it was great to have a bit of a change with Triple H at the helm, being able to do things in the way that he did, and Stephanie and [CEO] Nick Khan. It's always good in WWE to have change.

Now that Vince is back, it's changed again." According to various outlets, Vince McMahon has returned as he wishes to sell the WWE. According to some sources, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon do not wish to sell the WWE. People believe that WWE will be sold to someone from Saudi Arabia.

During Vince’s absence, Triple H was basically running the company and was actually the creative head. Many AEW stars reportedly wanted to join the WWE as they now know that Triple H is running that company. Of course, Vince McMahon has not, at the moment, taken control of the company.

He has just returned and is now the chairman of the WWE. He still isn’t interfering in the creative decisions that Triple H is making.

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