Eric Bischoff on WWE Possibly Going Private


Eric Bischoff on WWE Possibly Going Private

Eric Bischoff, former WCW Senior Vice President, recently spoke about the WWE possibly going private. Eric believes that WWE may actually go private after it is sold. It was speculated for a long time that Vince McMahon actually wanted to sell the WWE.

The rumors started about a year ago. It all started when Vince McMahon started letting go of some of the most valuable stars that the WWE had at the time. He especially let go of many famous WWE superstars during the pandemic era.

Eric Bischoff Talks About Vince McMahon Possibly Wanting to Take WWE Private

Vince McMahon retired last year but returned very recently and he stated he had to return to be part of WWE’s sales negotiations. He also wants to make sure that the WWE will get a new media deal, and he believes that his presence was required to make sure that it happens.

According to Eric Bischoff, WWE may go private sooner than people might think. According to him, it could happen at the very end of this month. "I would not be surprised if it happens before the end of the month," Bischoff said.

"I'm not saying I know it, but would it surprise me? Absolutely not. Is it possible? Yes. If he's going to take the company private, it's possible." According to Bischoff, if Vince’s goal is to take WWE private, he may need a team up with someone who will be a minority private investor.

"My gut told me a week ago, 'I think he's gonna take it private,'" Bischoff said. "I can see him teaming up with an Endeavor as a minority private investor." Bischoff is still not sure whether Vince will actually sell the streaming rights.

According to Eric, the streaming itself generated enough revenue to take the company private. Eric Bischoff stated that people are actually positioning themselves for a potential WWE sale as an auction. Many people believe that even Tony Khan’s family might be interested in buying the WWE (Tony Khan is the current AEW President).

Eric stated that Vince has more power than people realize and will only forward the deal that he wants the board to take a look at. This could actually mean that Vince simply does not allow AEW to buy the WWE if he believes that Tony Khan will ruin his legacy.

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