Update on Vince McMahon's role

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Update on Vince McMahon's role

In July 2022, Vince McMahon, who has had the entire WWE in his hands for many years, decided to open the Twitter app and drop a bomb that left everyone speechless. In fact, the historic Chairman had announced that he had retired, thus leaving WWE, also following all the scandals that involved him at the beginning of the summer and which led the company's board and lawyers to investigate him.

The tweet read as follows: “At 77, the time has come for me to retire. Thank you WWE Universe. Then. Forever. Together." To this was added the news given by PWInsider which announced that: “Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan have been officially named co-CEOs of World Wrestling Entertainment, effective immediately”.

Nick Khan on Vince McMahon

Recently, however, as we know, Vince McMahon has returned to full powers on the board of his own company, thus leading Stephanie McMahon, who had taken his place, to resign, leaving everything in his hands again, even if for now it seems that Triple H always leads the creative team since the Chairman is only there to sell the company.

Talking about his short retirement was his trusted right-hand man Nick Khan interviewed on The Bill Simmons Show, who used these exact words when asked if he was surprised by his return: "No, that's Vince. Anyone thought his goodbye after a tweet was permanent, he doesn't know.

It would never have happened. I appreciate the fact that he gave him five/six months, to let everything calm down a bit, and then go back to the way to which he returned." The man also added: "From the inside, it's not that crazy to me [his return], but when you're inside, you see things that are coming and you know what could happen.

My thinking has always been that there is just a boss in WWE, and Vince is the founder and creator of the company, he's also the controlling shareholder, that's not a business term, that's a legal term. That's always been my point of view, always the point of view about Stephanie, that he might come back at some point.

The way he handled that, to me, was clever in that he's gone for five or six months, which the audience seems to like when someone does. then he came back and took back control of his company as the controlling shareholder.

With that controlling stake he gave him a lot of authority and he used it. I applaud him for that." This is something Khan didn't believe would happen in the immediate future. "Not at this moment," Nick Khan said. "No is the answer to that question.

Could it change in a few months? Sure, it could change. But that would be Paul [Levesque] and Vince being on the same page about it. I don't see it right now." [H/T: Wrestling Inc.]