Backstage details on Asuka's future

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Backstage details on Asuka's future

In recent months, Asuka has left several clues online about a possible modification of her gimmick in WWE, leaving various clues on social media, with quite cryptic photos and comments, which have left the Japanese WWE fans quite dumbfounded.

Asuka, who unlike Alexa Bliss lost her qualifying match to try to go against Bianca Belair for the title, has decided to tease fans on social media by letting us guess that she too could switch to the dark side, as she already did in the past.

The Japanese initially shared a tweet from WWE asking who would win the Triple Threat a few weeks ago, replying: "I think everyone should choose someone besides me." In another retweet, sharing the same tweet, she instead wrote: “Two of them, except me!

You don't need me for this choice. I'm going to listen to MEGADETH and go to bed." Instead, in another post after the match, she wrote: “I don't want the respect. I never wanted to be respected. I am not interested. I'm going to go listen to the new Metallica song and go to bed” before starting to share some photos of her ex gimmick of her i.e.

Kana, a very dark character. Since then, Asuka has practically disappeared from the WWE scene.

Asuka is a WWE veteran

In the latest episode of his Oh You Didn't Know, WWE executive Road Dogg wanted to talk about the Japanese Asuka, who has now won everything in the rings of the McMahon company, from MITB to the Rumble, going from world titles to the tag one team.

In his speech, Road Dogg said: "I think of it as a presentation, as an in-ring skill and as a promo skill, because I love what she does and how she presents herself, thanks to her verbal skills. I just love her and I think everyone does the same as me.

I think she should probably be considered the Roman Reigns of women's wrestling at the moment. It's just my opinion. I know it's a big topic, well, she can't do a homemade promo. I think we are still in the past as a culture and as a society.

I think she's perfectly fine if she speaks in her native language and then we put subtitles on." In the latest episode of his Wrestling with Freddie podcast, former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. compared Flair and Asuka based on their star power: "With Asuka going [away], that opens up the door for Charlotte Flair to fill that void, and then some.

Charlotte's for sure more over than Asuka. So I think with her leaving, Charlotte could be back super, super soon."