Ric Flair launches a very harsh criticism

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Ric Flair launches a very harsh criticism

By now Ric Flair has no hair on his tongue and once again he has let himself go to some statements that have puzzled several fans on social media, with the Nature Boy who spoke about it during the "To Be The Man" podcast together with his son-in-law Conrad Thompson.

Among the various topics, such as the fact that the legend will be in the Raw 30 episode this Monday, there was also talk of the AEW Rampage episode aired last Friday, where in the main event there was a women's Street Fight Match, which we told you in our usual report, where Ruby Soho ended up bleeding profusely from her forehead while, paired with Willow Nightingale, she sought her revenge against Tay Melo and Anna Jay who have been tormenting her for some time.

Ric Flair's critique

Staying on that topic, Ric Flair said he doesn't appreciate it when female wrestlers bleed: “I don't like it. I mean, everyone has their own opinion, but I certainly wouldn't want to see Charlotte bleed." But that's not all, because when asked if there should be more blood in men's wrestling instead, he said: “I think there should be more with the boys.

It doesn't matter how you look at it, but how do you put two people in a cage match? Ten years ago, every time we hit the cage, we bled. Now nothing happens. It's something I don't like. I don't like girls in a cage match for sure because I think it limits their ability, their athleticism, and their ability to do athletic things like over the ropes or something." This comment comes at an interesting time for women's wrestling, especially in WWE, given that next week, in the special episode dedicated to 30 years of Raw where Ric Flair will also be a guest, as mentioned above, he will do a Steel Cage match between Becky Lynch and Bayley, reminding you that Ric Flair has no particular sympathy for The Man.

Flair appeared on the latest episode of Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast. “I thought of what I was going to say to you today and how I’m gonna handle this,” Flair said. “I just decided that I wanted to finally, which I did for three years, make a living not under a wrestling payroll.

That’s all it was. There was no animosity whatsoever,” Flair added. “It was just business. I wanted to try something and they just had a different vision… [WWE wanted me] to just get paid, basically. A lot of money. Nothing was wrong with that”.