Gunther wants to face a great champion

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Gunther wants to face a great champion

The current WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther initially signed with the idea that he would travel to the United States only for the big events, effectively continuing to live in his country, but everything turned out differently.

Currently the ex Walter is in fact one of the leading stars of SmackDown. From his landing in the United States in NXT to his move to the main roster, many possibilities have opened up for him, including some dream matches.

Latest update on Gunther

Speaking on the " Battleground Podcast ", Gunther revealed that he would very much like to have a match against a major heavyweight from the main roster like Brock Lesnar in 2023: "It would be great to have the opportunity to prove myself against Brock Lesnar.

When I first started As a wrestler and I'm back to wrestling again, I've always watched his matches because they're different and amazing. There was no one like him. I always like those characters like Brock. Most people who are successful don't I'm a copy of nobody.

He was always a great wrestler. As I grew in my career and was able to analyze the work and understand the psychology of it I realized that Lesnar is one of the best. So if I had the chance to get on the ring with him I could do nothing but accept to prove my worth".

Brock Lesnar is one of the most important figures in recent and past history of this era of wrestling. Many have fallen to the Beast and few have managed to defeat it. Precisely for this reason some try to challenge him to enter this small circle of athletes.

On the January 13 episode of Smackdown, the leader of the Imperium Gunther had retained his Intercontinental title with a victory over a former opponent of Lesnar, or Braun Strowman. WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther recently broke character to praise his former rival Sheamus.

"He's kind of desperate for it, isn't he? ...Personally, I think Sheamus is a fantastic opponent because I always like matches when it's a little bit more scrappy. A litte bit almost clumsy, I would call it, if that makes sense.

It makes it a little bit more authentic as well. And I think Sheamus brings a fantastic energy and the physicality that I bring as well and I think that we do really well together in the ring. The matches I had with him last year were one of the favorite ones in my career and I hope we get to do it again," he said.