New details on The Rock's WWE return

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New details on The Rock's WWE return

In the last few days we are starting to talk more and more incessantly about Wrestlemania 39 and the road that will lead to the most awaited event of the year, precisely the: Road to Wrestlemania. In the last few hours, bad news seems to have emerged regarding one of the biggest protagonists of the show, who had already been included in the card for months, by insiders: The Rock.

Apparently, due to his physical form, the athlete who has now become a world-famous actor could decline his invitation to the Showcase of the Immortals, having to abandon the plans agreed by WWE for several months now. As reported by the well-known site Wrestling Observer, in fact, The Rock would have already heard from the upper floors of the McMahon company to announce his forfeit, with the journalists of the well-known site who have reported in the past few hours: "We were told that unless he changes his mind in the next few days as Mania's plans are becoming concrete, he has indicated that he doesn't have time to get back into shape to be able to return to have a major wrestling match like a main event against Roman Reigns, but leave the door open for something in the future.

There certainly could be the possibility that there is still something being kept a secret from everyone. However, WWE always has something ready to be able to change plans in case Johnson cannot be ready in time and since it would appear that he has not consented, it has been felt for some time that the chances had diminished.

I don't know if his cancellation is now official, but the only indications are that this thing has been going on for a few months. Johnson currently has several projects in the works, one of the most important being the launch of the XFL which will debut the weekend of 2/18, in which he will be heavily involved with promoting the league.

He said he didn't have enough time to get fit for the ring. So this decision seems to confirm that he doesn't have time to prepare."

Latest news on The Rock

One of the most important matches that WWE seemed to want to build in its immediate future was the clash between cousins of Samoan origin, The Rock and Roman Reigns, both descendants of the Anoa'i family tree and both absolute Superstars of the world of wrestling, one present and one past.

In recent years, however, The Rock has focused solely and exclusively on his acting career, with the former WWE Champion who wanted to leave wrestling, returning only from time to time to the McMahon family rings, but at the same time becoming the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

In the Survivor Series edition two years ago, there was a segment in which both Vince McMahon and Roman Reigns appeared, who seemed to have thrown the stone for a future match between the two athletes of Samoan origin, with a Cleopatra, who had made the Tribal Chief angry at the Chairman and his older cousin.