Triple H has already decided the future of the WWE tag team titles

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Triple H has already decided the future of the WWE tag team titles

In recent months, the WWE tag team category has been literally dominated by the Usos, the undisputed tag team champions of the entire main roster, having both the Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown tag team titles at their sides.

At the moment, however, it seems that Triple H has clear ideas for a twist of things, with the Usos that could shortly hold only one of the two tag team titles they have now, with the other that could then be won by another main roster team.

The news was reported by the usual Wrestling Observer Newsletter, with the well-known journalists of the site who said in the last few hours: "The idea right now on the tag team front is that there's always two sets of belts.

The Usos are champions but the belts on Raw and Smackdown are different. This is a new move by Paul Levesque and will allow the Usos to drop one set and keep the other. It was explained to me that the hope is that the fans think it's best that someone beat The Usos for one of two belts."

Triple H has so many ideas

Currently, the Usos had been without opponents for some time, so WWE decided to call a match valid for the n°1 contender for the tag titles on Monday Night Raw, with the winners being the two from Judgment Day , in the Tag Team Turmoil match on the penultimate episode of Raw.

After seeing the red show's heel team become the #1 contender for the Usos' Raw titles, we saw that even in Smackdown there is a battle going on to get to the titles currently held by the Usos, with one of the teams chosen by the WWE which could soon face the Bloodline twins, leading to their defeat after months of titled and non-titled victories.

Wrestling veteran Vince Russo firmly believes that Vince McMahon fired Road Dogg from WWE to punish his son-in-law Triple H. "So bro, when your son-in-law (Triple H) is on his deathbed, Vince McMahon takes over NXT, fires everybody Triple H hired, and does a whitewash of everything.

Bro, you do that while your son-in-law is on his deathbed. Bro, to me, that was the punishment. Remember Chris? Shortly thereafter, what did Stephanie do? Personal issues, 'I'm going to take some time off to be with my family.' So all of that happened before Vince's shenanigans," said Vince Russo.