Latest news on Uncle Howdy's future

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Latest news on Uncle Howdy's future

The Pitch Black Match created by WWE for its Royal Rumble and which will see Bray Wyatt enter the ring with a new opponent for the first time in months, is still a big secret for the entire WWE Universe. As reported by the Fightful Select podcast and then also reported at the bottom on the Ringside News website, it would seem that WWE has in mind to use neon lights within the contest, objects that in the world of independents are widely used for hardcore matches.

As reported by the journalists of the important newspapers mentioned above, in fact: "Fightful Select has learned that there will be neon lights in the Mountain Dew Pitch Black match at the Royal Rumble. They will be a major part of the match during its duration." In practice, from what one could foresee, the Pitch Black match will not have disqualifications, having neon lights as characterizing elements of the contest, which will probably be used as blunt weapons between the opponents in the ring.

Even the element of darkness, brought out by Wyatt in his segment on tonight's Smackdown, makes us understand how light, neon and precisely darkness will be fundamental in the evening dedicated to the Rumble. We just have to wait to find out more details about the dispute between Wyatt and LA Knight at the end of the month.

The mysterious Uncle Howdy may be making another appearance on tonight's edition of WWE SmackDown.

Backstage news on Uncle Howdy

During the Monday Night Raw episode aired on Monday night, Alexa Bliss and Bianca Belair once again had a face-to-face confrontation, in which Bianca asked Alexa again for an explanation of what she had done in the last few weeks.

Finally, the champion asked her nemesis why she didn't face her in the Royal Rumble, in a title match, rather than waiting to win the Royal Rumble match to have a title opportunity. Alexa obviously accepted the challenge, but Bianca Belair then took it to another level, attacking her enemy and bringing her into the audience.

As the champion attempted to hit her opponent with her finisher right in the middle of the stands, Uncle Howdy appeared out of nowhere, in one of the exits of the arena, distracting Bianca Belair and allowing Alexa to hit the champion with a DDT on the concrete.

So this week, it looks like Uncle Howdy is on Alexa Bliss' side, unlike last episode of the red show. That Howdy is now also very important in the Rumble rings for Alexa? Howdy will also return to attack Wyatt in his Pitch Black match of the Rumble? Once again, a character associated with Wyatt proves to be a crazed, totally unpredictable splinter on WWE shows, just the way fans of the company like it.