Teddy Long on Vince McMahon's attitude

Vince McMahon has built an empire with WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
Teddy Long on Vince McMahon's attitude

Former SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long shared his thoughts on Vince McMahon's downtime during his time away from WWE. Vince left his longtime baby as president and CEO last July due to misconduct investigations against several women.

It emerged that he was making payments to them to cover the charges. Finally, he recently rejoined the WWE board of directors and was also reelected as executive chairman following the departure of his daughter Stephanie.

Teddy Long reflects on Vince McMahon

Speaking to Sportskeeda, Teddy Long revealed that the last thing anyone should be doing is telling Vince McMahon what he should or shouldn't do: "You can't tell Vince whether or not he can do this or that.

you say something isn't right, he'll make it work no matter what." On his time away from WWE, whether or not it helped Vince: “I think it was good for him. He was a workaholic. He worked 24/7. All he did was work. He hates sleeping.

He once told me that sleep was his enemy." Long thinks Vince McMahon had a different modus operandi to recover his energy. The former GM opened up about his time away from wrestling revealing that after taking some rest he felt like a new person.

Vince said the reason he returned to WWE was to help the promotion get sold or otherwise negotiate a new TV rights deal. So far, WWE insists that Vince has no intention of taking over the creative direction, now the task of Triple H.

Since his return, however, it seems that Vince has a lot of power again over what has been his federation for years, in fact he would not even need to more than shareholder consent to make decisions.There have been several major changes in WWE over the past few weeks following Vince McMahon's return.

There have been several major changes in WWE over the past few weeks following Vince McMahon's return. "Fightful has learned that WWE's Vice President of Communications, Adam Hopkins, is out of the company after over 25 years.

Hopkins worked in a variety of roles, and was a point of contact for a lot of us in the media in preparing for events and setting up interviews. EC3 said it, bro. Vince is fricking ruthless. You can't think like Vince. But bro, when your son-in-law is on the verge of death, and you're firing Road Dogg. Bro, either that is payback, or literally Vince is sick in his head."

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