Lance Anoa'i on injury and his future

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Lance Anoa'i on injury and his future

MLW's Lance Anoa talked to The injury he had last year could have done terrible things, but Anoa'i solved everything and returned to what he loves most. “Everything has been good, man. You know, this last December, I had a setback on my career.

I had a rotator cuff surgery so I was out for six months with that and man, once I got going, MLW offered me a great deal. I just been rocking and rolling with them and Jacob. So I’ve been doing nothing but enjoying and having fun again.

”- he said, as quoted by It is interesting that Anoa'i had no love for wrestling in his younger days. It was the injury that prevented him. “I never wanted to do it (wrestling). I was always a baseball player.

I had an interest, like I would do like, at six, seven years old, I was hitting 450 splashes just doing little run-ins with my father, just doing little spots. But then yeah, I just never want to pursue it. Then I had a knee injury my senior year in high school which set me back.

I told my father, I said, ‘Man, this is what I want to do. This is what I want to pursue.’ From there, man, I trained for six months and had my first match right after that and then from there, 13 years later, here I am”.


Right now he is focused on MLW and the chance they gave him. However, he would consider other offers. “Man, hopefully one day. I love watching WWE and watching my family. The Bloodline are just tearing it up in WWE, but as of right now, I’m just focusing on MLW.

They gave me the opportunity. They gave me the shot. I’m ready to rock out my deal. From there, man, all depends where it goes from there. I could stay with MLW longer if they like, WWE, AEW, man, who knows? But I’m just ready to roll with the punches”.