Jazz Speaks About Possible 2023 Royal Rumble Entry

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Jazz Speaks About Possible 2023 Royal Rumble Entry
Jazz Speaks About Possible 2023 Royal Rumble Entry

Jazz is a WWE legend and she recently spoke about whether or not she will actually enter the Royal Rumble as a surprise entry in 2023. The Women’s Royal Rumble first took place in 2018. During various events, we saw the return of many WWE legends and famous wrestlers, that are no longer active.

Trish Stratus, Lita, Molly Holly, Victoria, and Mickie James have all returned at various times and during various events. However, Jazz has never appeared once in any Royal Rumble event, even though she is a former WWE Champion.

She actually won the WWE title two times during her WWE career and beat some of WWE’s best women wrestlers at the time.

Jazz Refuses To Confirm Whether She Will Actually Be At Royal Rumble 2023

Jazz recently appeared on K&S Wrestlefest during a live stream.

A viewer asked her to ‘blink twice’ if she actually will be appearing at the 2023 Royal Rumble event. Jazz didn’t respond, in fact, she shook her head. "And if I was, why would I tell you?" she asked. "So I can lose my spot before I get there? That's the biggest kayfabe of all time." Another viewer asked whether she would go to the Royal Rumble event if she actually gets called to the Royal Rumble.

Jazz stated that she would probably not be able to wrestle as her knees are not in a good condition right now. "Truthfully, right now, I probably couldn't. My knees are that f***ed up," she said. She also stated that she can’t really run to the ring.

She can only walk really fast towards the ring. "I can get in there, do my little jab sequence real quick — bop, bop, bop — and get taken out," she said. Jazz like many other wrestlers has been injured multiple times.

Wrestlers usually suffer from knee, hip and back injuries if they continue to wrestle for over 10 years. Jazz wrestled longer than that, and was quite big compared to most of her colleagues at that time. Jazz has worked for Impact Wrestling, SWE Fury and AEW.

She also held the NWA Women’s title for 948 days, which is the third longest reign that anyone has ever had with that title. Her husband was the owner of Dogg Pound Dojo and Dogg Pound Championship Wrestling which was in San Antonio, Texas. This year’s Royal Rumble will be held in San Antonio.

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