Santino Marella on His Daughter’s Progress in Performance Center


Santino Marella on His Daughter’s Progress in Performance Center
Santino Marella on His Daughter’s Progress in Performance Center

Santino Marella is a former WWE wrestler and he recently spoke about his daughter’s progress at the performance center. Santino was a well-known star in WWE and had a good run in the company due to his lack of humor. Santino’s career ended in 2016 and now Arianna Grace is carrying Santino’s legacy.

Arianna is currently part of WWE’s developmental brand which is called NXT. However, Arianna tore her ACL and meniscus in her knee in October and has been out of action.

Santino Marella Speaks About His Daughter's Progress in Performance Center

"Yeah, she's twelve weeks out of surgery and she's progressing really well.

She's running and [doing] high knees and some plyometrics," Marella told "The Dave Van Auken Show." "So, she'll be back. She's a megastar in the making. She was identified from a young child and that's actually one of the reasons I became a professional wrestler because professional wrestling and movies seemed to be connecting at the time with WWE Films.

And she's like a movie star, my daughter is a future A-list megastar, and I know it sounds weird coming from her dad but everyone in 'NXT' absolutely loves her. She's a blue-chip stock, you know, when it comes to the mic skills, she's the best maybe in all of WWE right now.

And she won school speeches and debates, and [was a] student of excellence, and [did] acting, and she did hosting of TV shows and all of that stuff. She's perfect there. She's big, she's like 5' 8" and strong, and she gets wrestling." Santino Marella is actually part of Impact Wrestling right now, a promotion that is a shell of its former self.

He is playing as an on-screen Director of Authority in that promotion. Impact Wrestling was at one time, the only alternative that WWE fans had if they did not wish to watch the WWE. In fact, Impact Wrestling actually had some very famous former WWE stars working for them and they were getting very popular throughout the world.

They even had some WWE legends working for them at one time, including Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle. However, due to various reasons, Impact Wrestling, which was known as TNA at one time, could not retain those superstars. Now, Impact Wrestling does not have the wrestlers or names that it used to have, and it has become a promotion that wrestlers go to when they don’t get signed by WWE or AEW.

Santino Marella Performance Center

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