Mick Foley on Not Liking Light Tubes

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Mick Foley on Not Liking Light Tubes

Mick Foley, the WWE Legend, recently spoke about why he doesn’t like Light Tubes being used in any wrestling match. He spoke about it on his podcast. Mick Foley is a hardcore legend. He is very well-known for being one of the only wrestlers that willingly threw himself off the top of a Hell-in-a-Cell cage.

The height was nearly 20 feet and it was a very bad fall. It was one of the most insane stunts that Mick has performed over the course of his professional wrestling career.

Mick Foley Speaks About The Dangers of Using Light Tubes

"I don't like light tubes because they don't rate high on the 'Foley Instantaneous Risk-Reward Ratio Analysis,' because to me, there is a potential for fans to get injured and I don't like that," he said.

Light tubes are regularly used in the Deathmatch format. During the match, the wrestlers can use a variety of weapons and a lot of blood is involved usually during the matches. Deathmatches are actually very common on the indie circuit but haven’t taken place in the WWE for a seriously long time.

This is because WWE is now PG and they avoid the use of blood or anything that may seem extremely violent for a younger audience. Deathmatches are also extremely dangerous for wrestlers as they can be injured during the matches which may shorten their careers.

The injuries can also put them on the shelf for a very long time. An example of such an injury that could have ended a wrestler’s career occurred during Mick vs The Undertaker in a 1996 Boiler Room Brawl. During the match, Mick used a light tube on The Undertaker which got into him.

"[It] got in and gave him a horrible infection," Foley explained. The Undertaker received medical treatment but according to Foley, “it could have really been a bad mark on his career or the end of his career," if he did not receive the treatment in time.

Mick then spoke about Nick Gage diving through a bundle of light tubes at CZW’s Tournament of Death. It led to him nearly bleeding out and dying. "He had to be brought back from the dead," Mick Foley said. "So I think everybody has to watch out. I do believe these are consenting adults. It's not something that kids should be doing or emulating."