Road Dogg said CM Punk's return to WWE isn't impossible

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Road Dogg said CM Punk's return to WWE isn't impossible

Road Dogg said CM Punk's return to WWE isn't impossible. The Chicago star has been on a break with All Elite Wrestling for several months, after causing a backstage brawl at the end of the 'All Out' PPV. That brawl went around the world and involved several athletes, forcing Tony Khan to take serious action.

The 'Second City Saint' has been suspended indefinitely and there is no certain news about his future. Eric Bischoff argues that it makes no sense to continue investing in him, while others would welcome his return to WWE. We recall that Punk had left the Stamford federation in 2014 due to some disagreements with the management.

The former WWE Champion was loved by fans, also thanks to the infamous 'pipe bomb' in 2011.

Road Dogg opens up on CM Punk

During the latest edition of the podcast 'Oh... You Didn't Know', Road Dogg reflected on CM Punk's future: "Is his return to WWE possible? Never say never when it comes to these guys.

Wrestling is a business and second chances are quite frequent. If CM Punk's return was good for business, WWE would definitely think about it. Love him or hate him, there's no denying Punk can tip the scales." In the latest edition of 'The Wrestling Time Machine' on Sportskeeda, Bill Apter recounted the events that led to the separation between CM Punk and WWE.

“CM Punk was very frustrated at the time and didn't mind flaunting that anger in front of the world. It wasn't a healthy thing for WWE. It was an attitude that did not benefit either the reputation of WWE or from a commercial point of view” – explained Apter.

“Punk became famous all over the world thanks to that rebellious character, but it takes two to be happy in this business. The company has to adapt to what you are doing, but you also have to adapt to the needs of the company you work for.

The two sides have not been able to find a compromise and the paths have divided” - he added. CM Punk became emotional after his first televised WWE match as part of the revamped ECW brand, according to Justin Credible.

"It was a great match for TV, for his debut especially, and he was super cool. I remember, and this is not an exaggeration – my wife was there, she can attest to this as well – he came up to me and literally was in tears thanking me [on] how well it went.

He was so grateful for the opportunity. I'm like, 'Brother, it's your ball now. God bless you. Do good with it.' "