Wrestling expert on Vince McMahon's role

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Wrestling expert on Vince McMahon's role

On January 6, Vince McMahon made his return to the WWE board of directors and was later elected executive chairman following the farewell of his daughter Stephanie. From that moment it seems that Vince has again a lot of power over what has been his creature for years, in fact he no longer even needs the consent of the shareholders to make decisions.

In recent weeks, there has also been talk of his possible participation in the Royal Rumble and some appearances on TV, especially taking into account that the next episode of Monday Night Raw will be special because the 30th anniversary of the birth of the brand will be celebrated.

Vince's influence seems to be growing day by day but at the moment he shouldn't return to deal with the creative direction, for now still the task of Triple H.

Nick Khan comments on Vince McMahon

In an appearance on the Bill Simmons Podcast, WWE co-CEO Nick Khan discussed numerous aspects of Vince McMahon's return and what the future might hold for him: "There are no plans for Vince to return to television right now but things can change in a few months and in a short time.

He will be able to return anyway when Triple H agrees with him but not for now". Vince McMahon had initially retired from WWE in July 2022 after being overwhelmed by a misconduct scandal against some women, the latter it emerged he would have paid quite large sums to cover the allegations.

One of these scandals ended with a settlement between him and one of the people who had accused him of harassment, namely former WWE referee Rita Chatterton. Karrion Kross has reassured fans that the return of Vince McMahon as CEO of WWE has not sparked fears of job losses.

“It’s in my news feeds, it’s everywhere. It’s inescapable at this point. But the people that I have spoken to about it, like my personal friends in the business, no one’s really concerned or afraid for their job.

All of us are ready to adapt.... I think everyone’s just taking it day by day to see where everything lands, and we’re all trying to remain optimistic,” Kross said. "The company (wwe)and I have decided to parted ways, and feel this is the best Decision for all parties it’s been a pleasure and an honor to work with the young talent when bubba as well as everyone over in NXT. As well as working with some of the best producers in the world."