WWE is interested in many great athletes

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WWE is interested in many great athletes

Many WWE Superstars in recent years have decided of their own free will to land in the rings of All Elite Wrestling, but many other athletes have instead been released from WWE, so they had to reinvent themselves, asking for a contract from some other company.

In today's case, however, we are talking about a young athlete who should have been signed with WWE, but instead never saw such an agreement. We're talking about one of the two AEW tag team champions: Anthony Bowens, of the Acclaimed.

In his latest interview given to Chris Van Vliet's microphones and also reported on the pages of Ringside News, the AEW tag team champion wanted to tell about WWE's interest in him a few years ago: "So I did this tryout with them in 2015 at the Arnold Classic.

I went quite well, they invited me and Bianca Belair to take part in some training sessions at the Performance Center. They said 'not at the moment, but be ready' I was ready until 2017, when they called me 'hey, we are looking for you for a contract for 2018'

So I started getting ready, doing everything. The only thing I was missing was the contract and it never arrived. I was calling them every six months, saying things like 'hey, you told me you wanted me to work with you' Anything.

And then finally, budget problems. There's no vacancies, there's no vacancies now, you know, we can only hire 50 people, so there was clearly no vacancies. They literally ghosted me for three years. And in the end I did Dark and then another Dark and they (AEW ed) kept me.

In the meantime they got back to WWE and asked me if I was a free agent and I said yes, because at the time I still was. They finally offered me a contract. I said yes. But they never sent it to me. And at the same time, Tony wanted me to talk to him.

And I think it was with Caster at the same time, the same thing."

WWE has big plans

If in recent years the trend of the WWE was to hire characters who had very little to do with pro-wrestling, such as football players, dancers, bodybuilding athletes and many other disciplines, it seems that with the landing of Triple H at the head of the creative team, this practice seems to have been abandoned.

As reported in the last few hours by the well-known Bryan Alvarez for F4WOnline, WWE would have put several new athletes from independent companies under its sights, setting up a real direction of discounting, which follows the athletes of the American and world indies on a weekly basis.

Already a few years ago WWE was moving in this direction, especially with NXT, with several important characters such as William Regal, Matt Bloom, Samoa Joe and many others who acted as scouts to go and look for the most formidable athletes of indies companies to offer them a contract with the Stamford federation.