SmackDown has broken a huge record

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SmackDown has broken a huge record

WWE has amassed some of the most memorable records in pro-wrestling history in recent years. From streaks broken after years to the longest championship reigns held by his athletes, but this time it was not a single wrestler who set the record, but the whole company.

As reported in the last few hours by the well-known Sean Ross Sapp in the Fightful Select podcast and as reported later by Ringside News, WWE has set the box office record for the last episode of SmackDown, which aired on Friday night from Detroit.

According to the well-known American journalist, in fact: "According to internal live event reports, Smackdown in Detroit was the highest-grossing WWE blue show in the city's history of all time." The Road to Wrestlemania therefore seems to be approaching with the best intentions that WWE could have at the beginning of the year, with a huge collection already made in a normal episode of the blue show, which bodes well for the insiders for the continuation of the shows and the calendar WWE 2023.

SmackDown made history

The Royal Rumble matches that give their name to the WWE PPV of the same name often feature some incredible debuts and comebacks that leave fans of the WWE Universe in awe. Apparently, for this year, WWE has some slightly different and unconventional surprises in mind, as reported by the Ringside News site and the Fightful Select podcast.

In the last few hours, the well-known podcast reported in fact: "WWE has had some of its meetings to discuss the upcoming Royal Rumble match. Fightful Select has learned that several veterans have been contacted by WWE for an appearance in the Royal Rumble, WWE has told them that in some of these cases there will be segments that they call 'non-traditional surprises'".

EC3 has recently disclosed details about a bizarre incident involving Patrick Clark Jr., also known as Velveteen Dream, during their time at SmackDown. “He got arrested again. When’s he gonna get rehired? Probably not if that’s on his record, plus he has a lot of demons in the closet.

Oh, what do you mean? I’m glad you asked, why not? Because in NXT there was always some speculation about him being a little off, but you welcome that. You can be friends,” said EC3. "We had a party and it was at my place, and he came over because I’m being friendly and I’m top guy and I tried to welcome everybody into the thing."