New details on AJ Styles' schedule

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New details on AJ Styles' schedule

In recent weeks, yet another great WWE athlete AJ Styles, has stopped due to injury, after breaking his ankle in his last match in a live event with the company. According to what was reported in the last few hours by Fightful Select and then also reported by the Ringside News website, the Phenomenal One could have appeared at Wrestle Kingdowm 17, an event in which former WWE Sasha Banks also made his debut, under the name of Mercedes Moné.

In the latest edition of the Fightful podcast, athlete Rocky Romero revealed about Styles' appearance in NJPW, with reporters stating: "AJ Styles was sidelined with a broken ankle, but there were rumors prior to his injury that he might appear alongside Karl Anderson at Wrestle Kingdom 17.

Styles was obviously not present, but Doc Gallows also didn't take part in the trip, but from what we've been told, it was New Japan Pro Wrestling that didn't want to. Be that as it may, there were quite a few discussions surrounding AJ Styles' appearance.

Rocky Romero told Fightful that AJ Styles himself said it would be a great idea. Romero said if it was up to Styles, he would have been there. In the end, due to his injury the week before, Styles was no longer able to travel or be on WWE TV shows.

This ended all possibilities. Romero pointed out that at the time of his injury, there was no plan of any kind already made official."

Backstage news on AJ Styles

During one of WWE's last post-Christmas live events, AJ Styles came out battered from his feud.

After watching the OC collide once again in a tag team match against Judgment Day in Hersey, Pennsylvania, fans in the arena witnessed some rousing moments at ringside when the Phenomenal One didn't he was able to get up off the ground.

In the end, some insiders from the WWE medical staff had to intervene to help the former world champion leave the ringside, with the referee who had already signaled with the X made with his arms, which usually it means real injury for some athlete.

To help us understand whether the injury was real or not, given that someone had doubts that it was in the storyline, the well-known site PWInsider had thought of it, which had swept away all the rumors about a fake injury, writing: "For For those asking, AJ Styles' injury last night is 100% legit and not part of some sort of storyline for the show.

We have been told that the injury is to an ankle and Styles will be checked as soon as possible by a medical staff with special machines”.