Kevin Nash explained his 'bizarre statements' after the death of his son


Kevin Nash explained his 'bizarre statements' after the death of his son

Kevin Nash experienced difficult moments after the death of his son. The Kliq This podcast was an opportunity to talk about emotions after all. Kevin Nash explained his statement that he 'wanted to put a gun in his mouth': “So for the people that don’t know, the easiest way for me to explain this is, so I did the thing last week, and I mean, I’m not saying that I’m not in a great place, but I promise you, everybody out there, this whole fu**ing week, people have been saying, ‘Man, we need you.

We love you. You were one of the best big men.’ If you’re trying to save my life, you better say I’m the best big man, ok.’”- he said, as quoted by

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Many media decided to report the news about it.

But Nash explained how it all looked. “Emily Sherman was Brad Siegel’s niece, but she worked for us. I think she worked in international or whatever when we were in WCW. Her and Scott started dating. She would travel with us a lot on the road when we would go from from town to town, especially from Nitro to Thunder.

It was always this ongoing thing where they would say, ‘Well, what do you guys think about that?’ Scott and I would both say, ‘Yeah, as soon as we get done sticking a pistol in our mouth.’ They would say, ‘Oh, that’s not funny’ and Scott would say, ‘It is because we’re gonna leave a note.’ A couple people buzzed her and they’re like, ‘Hey, your boy Nash, I think he’s in trouble.’ She watches it and pops.

Like she watches it and pops, she’s like, ‘Oh, they don’t know the skit.’ They don’t know, it’s the note. You know, it’s like, that’s what makes it funny”.

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