Huge WWE star takes a shot at John Cena

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Huge WWE star takes a shot at John Cena
Huge WWE star takes a shot at John Cena

One of the most loved and at the same time hated characters in recent WWE history is undoubtedly John Cena. The leader of the Cenation, who returned to work with the company in the last episode of Smackdown last year, was also targeted by Dolph Ziggler in his last interview.

Speaking to Sam Roberts' microphones, the ShowOff once again declared, as it did years ago, all of his hatred towards John Cena. In his interview, the former NXT Champion who had beaten Bron Breakker in March last year, in fact stated: "You know what? I got a kick out of working with John, yeah, because I really hate him.

(Do you really hate it?) yeah. (Why?) I hate everything about him, whatever he strives to do. I also hate the way he runs. I hate how bad he is at wrestling, but he has this incredible connection with the fans and I'm great at wrestling and I've never built this great connection with all the fans who aren't from New York." The hatred between Dolph Ziggler John Cena does not seem to be a hatred born recently.

The ShowOff already talked about it in his interviews several years ago.

Dolph Ziggler slams John Cena

Already interviewed by Planeta Wrestling in 2017, one of the main sites in the world that deals with wrestling in Spanish, Dolph had wanted to confirm the words released to Roberts a few years earlier by saying about John Cena: "I still think so!

After 4 years. Surely. We would all like to be in his place, at the center of the company. We would like to fight for the title in the biggest feuds. We would like to be that person who always manages to please the fans, who gives something in every show he attends and who moves the business on his own.

I'm not one to just talk. I would really like to be where he is, in his position. I am one of those who fucks his ass every single day that he lives on this earth. I aim to be like him one day, obviously with the hard work I put in every day, but I'll probably never get to be like him, but at least I go to sleep lighter at night." Furthermore, in the same interview Ziggler lashed out against Jerry "The King" Lawler and the various part-timers present in WWE at the time, saying how colleagues steal the show from today's young people, who according to Ziggy should have the company in hand, which doesn't really happen because of the old legends who come back to take a scene not theirs.

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