Bobby Lashley reveals his biggest goal

Bobby Lashley is experiencing something of a second youth in WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
Bobby Lashley reveals his biggest goal

One of the feuds that had most hyped up WWE Universe fans in recent months was the one that saw Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar as protagonists, with the two athletes who had also clashed in the rings of Crown Jewel, in Saudi Arabia.

After the controversial end of their match in Arabia, it seemed clear that a new chapter in the saga between the two would be proposed by the company, but until now we have not seen anything. In his latest interview released to the Hindustan Times microphones, former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley wanted to continue to tease his opponent, this time even speaking of a match without disqualifications, saying: "There haven't been many interactions between us.

We've had a couple of matches, a couple of interactions that happened on-screen, but outside of that, Brock is a very personal guy, he's that kind of guy. So there wasn't anything major with Brock then. I don't think anyone ever had anything backstage with Brock.

But as I look forward to the match I might have with him, I'd like it to be in a context that pushes myself to other levels. I like to fight. Brock likes to fight. There are a lot of similarities between the two of us, so I think our next match is something everyone would like to see in a No Holds Barred match.

It's also likely that that one will come locked up in a cage or an Extreme Rules match or something like that. But it's coming."

New details on Bobby Lashley

After the controversial Crown Jewel finale, a third match to close the feud between the two former WWE world champions was now predictable for all WWE insiders and others.

In one of the many episodes of his daily Wrestling Observer newsletter, the well-known journalist Dave Meltzer wanted to go back to talking about the clash between Crown Jewel's Lesnar and Bobby Lashley a few weeks ago, with one of the most famous journalists in the pro-wrestling world who had stated: "The story of this match is that Lashley completely dominated it, but Lesnar won the match.

Now the two have taken it one to one and the need to have a third match naturally arises... I don't know if they'll keep it in store for Wrestlemania, or I don't know for when. It was originally supposed to go on Day One, but of course, that's gone now.

I don't know if they'll make it to Survivor Series. I don't know... I'm not sure where they're going to keep it. They could maybe do it in Montreal or save it for Mania, yeah”. While Meltzer doesn't know where it will be staged, however, he is certain that the third match between The Beast and the All Mighty on Monday Night Raw will be staged in a few months. just have to wait and see.

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