*Spoiler* Sami Zayn is in a very delicate position

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*Spoiler* Sami Zayn is in a very delicate position

One of the segments that were scheduled for tonight's episode of Raw 30, initially, was the coronation by the entire Anoa'i family of its Tribal Chief: Roman Reigns. However, due to Rikishi's illness and Afa and Sika's unavailability to travel, WWE had to opt for another very important segment, namely the "Sami Zayn trial" with the Canadian who was judged by Reigns and from the rest of the Bloodline for his behavior over the last few weeks with Kevin Owens.

During the night, Paul Heyman showed a video in which he highlighted all the evidence that there was against Sami Zayn in recent weeks, with his situation getting worse and worse minute by minute. After seeing Heyman's video, Roman Reigns gave Solo Sikoa a mandate to KO Sami, with the younger brother of the Usos who was however sensationally stopped by Jey Uso, as Solo Sikoa was about to hit him with his Samoan Spike, Sami having nothing to say in his defense.

To defend the Canadian, Jey Uso showed a second video, in which he highlighted how Sami Zayn has repeatedly helped the Usos on several occasions. After seeing this latest video, Reigns wanted to declare Sami Zayn "not guilty...

for now", however giving the Canadian a period of time for reflection for his final test at the Royal Rumble.

What's next for Sami Zayn?

In the last few hours there had been a lot of talk about the fact that Roman Reigns would no longer be the protagonist of the segment in which the whole Anoa'i family would have recognized him as their Tribal Chief.

Initially, in fact, WWE was advertising this segment, which then disappeared from the Raw 30 commercials. In the last few hours it has emerged from the pages of Ringside News, whose journalists reported Dave Meltzer's words to the F4WOnline site, that the segment dedicated to Tribal Chief would not have gone on stage due to an illness of one of the protagonists of the angle and also because Afa and Sika were not ready to be able to travel.

In his speech, Meltzer in fact stated: "Regarding the questions about changing the Bloodline segment to crown Roman Reigns with the whole family and now it's Sami Zayn's trial, there were rumors about a possible problem with The Rock, with him or Vince McMahon having changed things by refusing, but they are both fake.

Rock had never been booked for the event. The switch was made because Afa & Sika and Rikishi could not be able to leave for the show. They were the key people but Afa & Sika weren't ready for the trip and Rikishi was sick this week, so the idea was shelved.

So the creative team changed the storyline on Friday to have changes on Raw and what happened wasn't originally in the script."